SBCCD logoSBCCD Board of Trustee elections: Why Should I Care?

As you may or not know, this November our district will have three positions on our Board of Trustees open for elections; however, this election will be the first with the recently adopted redistricting that separates SBCCD into smaller districts, each with its own representative on our Board of Trustees.

What does this mean for our communities, students, and colleges? It means that your vote in this trustee election will have an even greater impact on the future direction of the SBCCD and both colleges.

Why? It is the SBCCD Board of Trustees who ultimately decides the direction of our colleges, from deciding on CTE Programs, Academic Programs, Community Partnerships to budget decisions and bargaining issues like salary, workload, and employee safety.

Some current decisions facing our Board of Trustees include issues like, should CHC or SBVC offer BA Degrees? Should our district rent our campuses to private, for-profit institutions, using public resources to support the privatization of education? Should our colleges host K-12 Adult Education programs? There are even current decisions being made about sports programs and facilities. These are just a few of the reasons why you should care about this year’s election.

And on your behalf, your SBCCDTA Executive Board recently held Trustee Candidate Interviews with four candidates, Board Member, Joseph Williams (incumbent), Rafael Trujullio, who is running against Trustee Williams in District 2, Trustee Donna Ferracone (incumbent), and Trustee Donald Singer (incumbent).

After conducting formal interviews and following thoughtful discussion, the SBCCDTA Executive Board voted to recommend Donna Ferracone, Donald Singer, and Rafael Trujillo to its members at large—YOU. Each candidate indicated by his/her responses a thorough knowledge of our district, faculty, and issues of concern for our local and demonstrated a commitment to maintaining an on-going, open relationship with SBCCDTA.

While we cannot tell you who to vote for in this very important election, we can recommend to you our choices based on first-hand interviews, thoughtful discussion, and the relevant current context of SBCCD.

Whichever candidates you choose, our ultimate plea is for all members to

GET OUT AND VOTE this November!Vote