Your Union, Listening to You!


I hope that the beginning of the semester is treating you well!

Your union’s Executive Board is launching a campaign to establish more regular communications with you, the bargaining unit members. These communications to/from you will encompass several components, including electronic means (e.g., email, website), paper literature or mailings, and conversations between human beings! As we roll out this campaign, we’d like to hear from you about what parts of this effort you like, what things you don’t like, or other aspects that you’d like to see incorporated.

  • President’s Update. Consider this e-mail the first weekly update! As the weeks go on, the formatting, content, and delivery will evolve and settle into a particular style. But in general, these updates will include important dates, events, current education and/or union issues at the local, State, and/or Federal levels, and other announcements.


  • screen captureWebsite. Please visit our union’s website, Once there, we encourage you to register for the site and elect to receive weekly updates automatically (indicated by the red circles on the screen shot below). Please use a non-District email when registering. At the website, you’ll find articles written by faculty about relevant issues, announcements, important deadlines, union documents such as our contract, monthly E-board article, monthly President’s report, weekly updates, surveys, and much more! If you are interested in writing an article, or have information that you would like us to share, please let us know!


  • Listening Campaign. This idea is brand new, and where the “conversation between human beings” mentioned above comes in. We are interested in hearing what you have to say, and getting to know you. I know, this might sound corny or cliché, but we really mean it! Members of the Executive Board have already begun reaching out to fellow faculty to find out what you’re thinking…what’s important to you, what’s not important to you, etc.
  • Part-Time Faculty Appreciation Days. Please mark your calendars for February 23, 24, and 25. We are so excited to be sponsoring our first event to celebrate our Part-Time faculty! While some faculty nationwide will be participating in National Adjunct Walk-out Day (NAWD), your Executive Board has chosen to host an appreciation event on both campuses instead ( Know that such a walk-out isn’t legal in California, and the union doesn’t support it. Later this week, look for details to emerge about the different components of our Appreciation event, including specific opportunities to get involved. We will need help to make this inaugural event a success.
  • Monthly Lunches. Each month, the union holds a lunch/general meeting on each campus. The Spring 2015 dates for CHC are Feb 18, Mar 11, and Apr 15; the dates for SBVC are Feb 25, Mar 25, and Apr 22. Reminders will be sent out prior to each date.
  • Monthly Breakfasts. Currently, the breakfasts are at CHC only, but if there is interest to start these at SBVC, please let us know. The dates for CHC are the Thursdays following the lunches (9:00 a.m.): Feb 19, Mar 12, and Apr 16.
  • Spring Picnic. Save the date:  May 3, 2015 at Sylvan Park in Redlands.
  • Building Strong Locals (BSL) Academy. Each year, the Community College Association (CCA) accepts applications from PT and FT faculty to attend a year-long training (3 weekends in a year), in order to learn about union issues such as bargaining, grievances, etc. This is a great opportunity, and CCA pays for travel, hotel, etc. associated with attending these trainings. Members from our local chapter (Amy Avelar, Gina Curasi, Sheri Lillard, and Ted Phillips) have participated in the past three consecutive years, and we are hoping to continue the trend. This year’s application is due March 7, 2015; details and links can be found at our website: If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact those of us who have completed this training.

Sheri Lillard

President, SBCCDTA