The SBCCDTA is sponsoring a retirement workshop, focusing on the State Teachers Retirement System (STRS). We are extremely fortunate to have a CTA expert in retirement (especially STRS), present this workshop for us. She is an articulate and engaging speaker…this session will be worth your time!

Date:  Friday, November 13th at 12:30 pm

Location:  Union office – 1997 East Marshall Blvd., San Bernardino, CA  92404

The information that will be provided is important for all faculty:  FT, PT, near retirement, or years ’til retirement. Our speaker will cover all aspects, including an update on possible legislation that may impact our retirement system. She will include a discussion on the options available for PT faculty, which becomes especially important for those instructors who work at multiple locations.

If you plan to attend, please complete the RSVP below, as lunch will be served. If you are not yet registered for the site, the registration link can be found at the top of the right side menu (underneath WELCOME). The log in link is located there as well.

This event has already occurred. RSVP is no longer available.