Part-Time Faculty Appreciation Days Part-time Appreciation 1

By Diane Hunter

Wednesday, February 25, concluded the SBCCDTA’s Part-Time Faculty Appreciation Days, which was celebrated at both CHC and SBVC as a result of a joint effort between SBCCDTA E-Board, association members from each campus, and the SBVC chapter of SCTA. The celebration began on Monday February 23, 2015 with similar events happening simultaneously at both campuses all three days

I was able to see first-hand the wide-spread support for part-time faculty on the Part-time buttonValley campus, as many full-time faculty members and some administrators wore their “Proud Supporter of Part-Time Faculty” buttons this week.


Part-time Appreciation 2Another visual show of support was displayed inside the SBVC Cafeteria where students and faculty built a wall of appreciation that steadily grew between Monday and Wednesday this week (a similar wall was built at CHC). Each little blue piece of paper, like a brick in the wall, represented a “shout out” to a part-time faculty member, often thanking particular instructors and encouraging others to keep up the good work, and still others expressing words of support for part-time faculty members.

Both full-time and part-time faculty also enjoyed the monthly CTA Luncheon in The  Sunroom, where CTA President, Sheri Lillard thanked all the part-time faculty and called attention to the important work they do for our students. She reminded everyone that SBCCDTA chose to celebrate our part-time faculty, even though other districts across the nation participated in N.A.W.D (National Adjunct Walk-out Day), pointing out that our local cannot strike. Lillard reminded that celebrating does not mean we forget about the serious issues and concerns faced by our part-time faculty members. These are and will be a primary focus of your E-Board, and we will continue to seek change on your behalf.

The day wound down at each campus with a pizza dinner for part-time faculty members.

All in all, today concluded three days of successful celebration focused on the invaluable contribution of our part-time faculty members.

Let’s not stop here!