One of the most important parts of our contract is Article 16 – Evaluations. Although most of our Full-Time faculty understand the evaluations process fairly well, we know many of our Part-Time faculty are not as aware of the contract language focused on their evaluations as we would like. With that in mind, we want to share with you one of the most important parts of Article 16 as it pertains to part-time faculty – Article 16.C.7.

Especially, with the upcoming implementation of SB1379 (which specifically addresses PT Faculty seniority) it is VERY important that all of our part-time faculty become familiar with the contract language surrounding evaluations because satisfactory evaluations will likely play a role in seniority placement. Article 16.C.7 reads as follows:

“Contract employees shall be evaluated at least once in each academic year. Regular employees shall be evaluated at least once in every three academic years. Temporary employees shall be evaluated within the first year of employment. Thereafter, evaluation shall be at least once every six regular semesters.”

If your experience with evaluations differs from this language, please let us know.