Negotiations Updates

January 2017 Negotiations Update

We settled Article 10 Wages and Article 11 Health and Welfare Benefits through 2017- 2018. Other issues currently are and will be negotiated based on faculty feedback. The Association has sunshined Article 12 Work Calendar and Article 13 Workload for the Spring 2017 semester negotiations. The District has sunshined Article 10 Wages (noncredit) and Article 16 Evaluation Procedure. The first negotiations meeting with the District is scheduled for Friday, January 27th.

Negotiating topics include:

Assembly Bill 1379
Class size (caps) and stacked courses
Dual Enrollment
Faculty Chairs
Load calculations (clarification and consistency)
Maternity/Paternity Leave
Peak Registration
Professional Development (flexible) Calendar

We have also sent out a survey to gather more feedback from the faculty. Please note that every suggested topic will be compiled and seriously considered. However, there is no guarantee that every topic will be pursued given demand, time and resources.

October 2015 Negotiations Update

Negotiations between the SBCCDTA and the District resumed on October 9th. Although everything in those meetings cannot be shared at this time, we can update you on some things.

Faculty Seniority List

The District is putting together this year’s faculty seniority list and wants to ensure the information they have is accurate and complete for each employee. To that end, the District will be sending out a form that members will be asked to complete to ensure their information is correct. The union believes it is in everyone’s interest to make sure their information is accurate and encourages members to complete the info forms when they are received.

Cameras in the Classroom

Privacy issues related to cameras in the classroom is a topic the teams are discussing.

Full-Time faculty positions

The team received an update on the number of current FT faculty members employed by the district, funding levels, and the impact of FT conversion funds. Here are the numbers:

The most recent numbers indicate there are 221 currently employed FT faculty.

The District is currently budgeted for 255 FT faculty positions

The most recent District estimate calls for an additional 11 FT faculty to be created with conversion funds (funds provided by the State to convert PT faculty to FT).Therefore, the current budget combined with conversion fund expectations mean that there will be the potential for 266 FT faculty to be employed by the District. The team was told that all of those 266 positions will either be employed or in the queue for hiring within six months.


The SDCCDTA believes some kudos are in order for HR and the Benefits Committee for getting an early start this year on developing the District’s benefits package(s). Hopefully, this will mean that information, and decisions, about benefits will be available earlier than has been the case in the past several years…that’s good news for everyone when open enrollment times comes around.

September 2015 Negotiations Update

The Executive Board is pleased to announce that formal negotiations with the District began on September 25, 2015. This is a change from the recent past when it was difficult to get to the table until much later in the school year, which is encouraging. This is the first update of negotiations for the 2015-16 school year and we plan to regularly update you on our progress throughout the year.

Though we are just beginning the negotiation process, SBCCDTA ‘sunshined’ the following articles for negotiations this year:

Article 3: Association Rights

Article 10: Wages

Article 11: Health and Welfare Benefits

Article 13: Workload

The District sunshined the following two articles:

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