We settled Article 10 Wages and Article 11 Health and Welfare Benefits through 2017- 2018. Other issues currently are and will be negotiated based on faculty feedback. The Association has sunshined Article 12 Work Calendar and Article 13 Workload for the Spring 2017 semester negotiations. The District has sunshined Article 10 Wages (noncredit) and Article 16 Evaluation Procedure. The first negotiations meeting with the District is scheduled for Friday, January 27th.

Negotiating topics include:

Assembly Bill 1379
Class size (caps) and stacked courses
Dual Enrollment
Faculty Chairs
Load calculations (clarification and consistency)
Maternity/Paternity Leave
Peak Registration
Professional Development (flexible) Calendar

We have also sent out a survey to gather more feedback from the faculty. Please note that every suggested topic will be compiled and seriously considered. However, there is no guarantee that every topic will be pursued given demand, time and resources.