Here is the tentative MOU that will require ratification by the membership. This document has been signed, and an updated version will be posted soon.

At the end of October 2015, the SBCCD, in an act of good faith, offered all permanent employees a $1000.00 payment to be sent out in December of 2015. There are about 760 permanent employees, so the cost to the District was to be about $760,000. For SBCCDTA, this initial proposal meant that only the permanent full-time faculty members were going to be included and at a cost to the District of $250,000.

As a wall-to-wall unit, SBCCDTA represents all faculty members, and the initial proposal excluded adjunct (part-time) faculty, which represent at least 550 more employees. When your negotiations team brought this to the attention of the District, the District suggested dividing the $250,000 allocated for full-time faculty among all faculty members—both full-time and part-time. Your SBCCDTA negotiations team did not accept this suggestion and submitted a counterproposal. The District countered that proposal, which resulted in the attached MOU that SBCCDTA members are now considering for vote.

This MOU ensures ALL faculty members are included in the one-time payment, negotiations of already Sunshined articles are to remain on-going, and all faculty members will be given time to adjust their tax deductions. The MOU will also not set a precedent for future negotiations.

Your SBCCDTA negotiations team has worked hard under extreme time constraints to ensure that ALL bargaining unit members are considered in this one-time payment, and we ask that you please vote on this MOU as it cannot be ratified without member participation.  Whether you are in favor of this MOU or not, we strongly encourage everyone to vote.

You must be an active member in order to participate in this election, which will occur during the week of November 16 (details to be provided separately). If you have not received your CTA membership card within the past couple of months, then you are likely not eligible to vote.  If you have any questions at all about your eligibility status, the content of the MOU, or any information provided in this rationale, please let us know ASAP. We will be sure to send out updates, based on your questions and comments, before the voting period begins.