Membership Myths

Many faculty think they are active members, when in fact they are not…we’re trying hard to get the message out.

Myth: If I become an active member, then my dues will increase.

Fact: Your dues deductions will remain the same. Fee-payers do not receive the benefits of membership, but do have an opportunity each Fall to request a partial rebate, in response to a mailing sent directly by CTA.

Our 2015-16 dues are $99.40/mo for FT faculty, and $29.93/mo for PT faculty, if working for our District only and no other schools. PT active members may be eligible for a reduction in dues if also working for another College District ($1.00/mo) or K-12 district ($5.95/mo). These reductions are significant, because you are only supposed to pay NEA/CTA/CCA* dues once. If you think you may qualify for a reduction, please let us know right away.

*NEA = National Education Association

*CTA = California Teachers Association

*CCA = Community College Association