Membership Myths

Many faculty think they are active members, when in fact they are not…we’re trying hard to get the message out.

Myth:  All faculty may vote in union elections and for ratification of tentative agreements.

Fact: All faculty (FT and PT) are potentially eligible, when the bargaining unit brings something to a vote. Which types of issues require a vote? Examples include elections for Executive Board positions or ratification of a tentative agreement resulting from bargaining (e.g., involving wages, benefits, other contract language, etc.). However, only active members shall be permitted to vote. Furthermore, PT and FT members have equal representation (one person = one vote), so every vote really does count. In order to become active and exercise your right to vote, you must fill out a membership form. If you have not received your CTA membership card for the current academic year, please let us know right away, because it is likely that you are not an active member. Keep in mind, that membership becomes active on the date you sign the form. This means that if you do not receive a ballot for a particular election, then contact us immediately so that you can apply for membership and be permitted to cast a vote.