Our own Gina Curasi and her BSL class

UPDATE: The CCA is implementing a new Leadership Academy, beginning this year (2015-2016). These two programs, BSL & Leadership Academies will be offered in alternate years, so the next BSL Academy will have an application due in March 2016. The information on Leadership Academy should be available on the CCA website ( by the first week of March 2015. The information will be posted here as soon as it is available.

Funded by the The Community College Association (CCA), Building Strong Locals (BSL) Academy is designed to train and empower chapter members with an emphasis on strengthening local chapters. The primary goal of the Academy is to help prepare faculty to work in their local chapters with confidence and a working knowledge of their rights and responsibilities.

Your own SBCCDTA is proud to have four recent graduates from this intensive training academy, Sheri Lillard, President, Amy Avelar, Vice President, and Gina Curasi, SBVC Full-Time Rep. (2nd from the left, front row in the photo).  Our CHC Full-Time Rep., Ted Phillips, just finished the 2014-2015 Academy at the CCA Winter Conference in February 2015.

Especially with our multi-college district, strengthening and unifying our own SBCCDTA is important for all of our current and future members.  This can happen even more effectively when more members become involved, so if you are interested in this or other training opportunities, please contact any of your Executive Board members.